Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SimbiBot?

SimbiBot is an interactive and intelligent learning assistant, that would help and guide you in passing your upcoming exams.

What Can SimbiBot Do ?

SimbiBot Can help you practice for your upcoming exams and tests.

How Do I Use SimbiBot ?

Using SimbiBot is as easy as chatting a friend online, just think of SimbiBot as learning assistant.

How do I take Tests ?

Just tell SimbiBot the subject of the test you want to take. You can ask SimbiBot to start a test in similar way:

  • I want to take a test in Chemistry
  • Take a test in Mathematics
  • I would love to practice English or Physics
  • Some Government questions wouldn't hurt

Is SimbiBot Free?

No, SimbiBot is currently a N200 monthly based subscription plan, which you could pay either with airtime or bank transfer.

How do I Signup

The beauty about SimbiBot is , There are no regular forms or some encrypted links to follow, Just Like SimbiBot on Facebook, click the send message button and Get Started

How do I get a customer care support?

You can send us an email of any complaint at